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Bright Spots: Wilson Youth Master Plan

Bright Spots: Wilson Youth Master Plan (Video)

In 2014, community leaders in Wilson County developed and launched a master plan focused on improving life outcomes for local youth. The plan kicked off with a look at the overall landscape of Wilson County and identified five key areas for improvement:

  • K-12 Academic Achievement

  • Safety

  • Out-of-School Time

  • Education and Workforce

  • Health and Wellness

The first component of the work in Wilson was a project labeled “A Gentleman’s Agreement,” which was developed with an emphasis around equity. The program started small with a cohort of 25 African-American males who were granted a unique experience. The early results were impressive.

To learn more, check out the video and then click through here for the brief.

These bright spots were identified in collaboration with the myFutureNC Commission. The myFutureNC Commission is focused on educational attainment statewide. They are in the process of developing statewide and localized attainment goals.

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