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Wilson Forward an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life, the educational opportunities, and workforce development in Wilson, NC.  Our approach and our success is dependent on the participation and support of all major entities in Wilson including government, health care, economic development, business development, churches, education, social programs, and the press.



Wilson Forward believes that collaboration makes Wilson stronger; therefore, we approach every community opportunity and challenge through a collaborative lens, bringing a team of community leaders and partners together.


Our Mission: 

To improve educational opportunities, health and wellness and workforce development in Wilson.

Our Vision:

Wilson is a place where people want to live and work and is a community with a high quality of life for all.

Shared beliefs that guide us toward our vision:

  • Community safety is paramount

  • Poverty is unacceptable

  • High quality education will support workforce and skills development

  • Recreational and cultural activities will reflect community diversity

  • Quality health care is accessible

  • Quality affordable housing is available

  • Sustainable community leadership is required for collective growth

Our Model:

Wilson Forward is a collective impact initiative focused on addressing issues facing Wilson County in the areas of Education, Health and Wellness, and Workforce Development. Collective impact is an approach to addressing complex social problems through a focused, collaborative effort that is facilitated and guided by a dedicated organization called a “backbone.”

Learn more about the collective impact model here

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