Creating Change in Our Community

Our organization is based on the simple idea of working together.  We all do better when we work together to build a better future.  Our collaborations and partnerships represent the talent, investment, and commitment from over 200 community partners to build the best Wilson for all.

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In partnership with MDC, community partners are building a stronger talent development system. Read more here...

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A leadership development program developed  in and for the future of Wilson. Read more here...

Our community leaders and partners have made a commitment that all youth will have positive opportunities and support.  Read more here….

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Our work is guided by our Plan to build a community that embraces and celebrates the diversity of Wilson.

Read more here...

Partnering to Build a Better Wilson

Bringing together over 75 partners to improve the health of all who live and work in Wilson. Read more here...


The structure and approach to our work evolved from our first 2 collaborative community plans (2015 and 2017) developed and implemented with partners from all sectors.

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