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Action teams focus on different community needs

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Posted March 27, 2009

From Staff Reports

The Wilson 20/20 visioning process has six action teams that focus on specific areas of importance to the Wilson community. Below is a summary of some of the progress made during the past two years by these teams as well as their continued goals for the future.

Managed growth - The city of Wilson is considering new incentives to help increase the number of businesses in the downtown area. - A new weekday concert series, Downtown Alive, has started in Wilson and supports Wilson 20/20’s quality-of-life goals. - Downtown Wilson has seen an increase in the number of new restaurants and businesses opening. - Work on the city of Wilson’s comprehensive plan has started with the focus on transportation, growth management, parks and recreation, neighborhoods, downtown, historic preservation, U.S. 301, economic development and community appearance. - Fostered increased communication and collaboration between the city and other government or quasi-government agencies. - The Wilson Human Relations Office has held two neighborhood summits with the goal of educating the public about resources, issues and activities as well as provide leadership training for neighborhood associations. - The city adopted a bike plan and expanded its work with its 2006 pedestrian plan, including seeking grants for infrastructure improvements around city schools to increase pedestrian traffic. The city also adopted a policy that requires sidewalks in all new residential development areas. - The city has formed an internal neighborhood collaborative team to focus on the current and future needs of neighborhoods and city residents, including revitalization. - A Fiscal Impact and Cost of Land Use study was completed to look at the cost and benefits of various land uses on the city budget. The study is being used to help the city make policy recommendations for planned growth in the city, while factoring in the costs of development. - The city has developed closer ties with the Preservation of Wilson, a nonprofit seeking to preserve the city’s historic neighborhoods.

Health and Wellness - Provided a health and wellness tent at the Whirligig Festival in fall of 2007. - Working with the school district about opportunities for high school seniors to do volunteer service work at various senior centers throughout the community. - Contacted local drug companies about financial support programs for those individuals who cannot afford their drug therapies. - Worked with Wilson County to enhance its response to community health assessment. * Contacted several churches regarding the faith-based community’s willingness to look at programs for at-risk youth. - Supports moving to a tobacco-free public environment and have requested the Wilson 2020 board to make recommendations to the city of Wilson to become tobacco free in restaurants and other public places. - Supports Wilson County’s application for a community fitness grant in an effort to develop walking trails and other educational activities.

Education - Developed a cooperative arrangement between Wilson County Schools and Wilson Community College allowing high school students, at no cost, to take college classes through a new early college high school. The program will allow students to complete their high school diploma and earn a community college degree in five years. The program, approved by the state Board of Education, is waiting for state funding.

- Completing an in-depth review of high school courses that could be recognized for college credit, including in the areas of business, technology, vocational and early childhood. - Developed a partnership effort among Wilson Education Partnership, Wilson County Schools, Wilson Community College, local business and industry and Wilson Mall, that provided an introduction to career and technical education options for every eighth-grader in Wilson County Schools.

Community - Continued dialog related to the Latino Initiative and race relations within the Wilson community. - Developing opportunities for all ethnic groups to better interact in an effort to increase diversity and understanding between people of different backgrounds. - Looking at specific events in Wilson, including the Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast, Human Relations Banquet and the 1st Fridays on the Lawn, to make them more inclusive of all races and ethnic groups. There is also an interest in creating new multicultural events.

Economy - Efforts are continuing to add additional acreage for industrial development, in east and west Wilson, near major interstates and highways. - Workforce development is a major area of focus, from the public school to college setting, with efforts of building a reliable local workforce to meet the demands of businesses and industries.

Quality of life - Looking at creating additional recreation opportunities. - Working with businesses to build more nightlife in the city. - Trying to attract more restaurants to the area. - Working to create new opportunities for the arts.

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