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Wilson 20/20 Hires Cochran as Associate Director

Posted August 31, 2018

By Brie Handgraaf, Wilson Daily Times

Wilson 20/20 Community Vision has added a new advocate to the payroll and a Greensboro native has joined the mission to improve health and wellness, education and workforce development in the community.

Associate Director Cameron Cochran started the newly created position on Aug. 20 and has spent her time getting to know community leaders, serving as Executive Director Paula Benson’s right hand.

“Honestly, meeting Paula and hearing her passion, how much this organization and this community means to her convinced me to join Wilson 20/20,” Cochran said. “I think she is really representative of what Wilson 20/20 is doing and who they are. I found that to be incredibly convincing not only in terms of the organization, but answering whether I should move my life to Wilson.”

The 29-year-old University of North Carolina – Charlotte graduate most recently served as the assistant director of a private family foundation in the Queen City. Before that, she worked at a hospice home for homeless men and women in the nation’s capital.

“Professionally I’ve been all over the place and that is something I’m proud of,” she said. “I’ve gotten the ability to work in and know two different sides of the nonprofit sector, covering what was happening within the organization, what was happening with our clients and the populations we wanted to serve as well as how we support other organizations while facilitating conversations within the community.”

Benson said she immediately clicked with Cochran when they met.

“We are excited to have Cameron join Wilson 20/20 Community Vision. Cameron’s experience and communication skills distinguished her in the interview process and served as key considerations in our decision to extend an offer to her,” said Benson. “She is a natural facilitator, and I look forward to her development and leadership in the collaborations and initiatives we host in Wilson.”

Wilson 20/20 often is called the glue among community organizations working to address health and wellness, education and workforce development with initiatives and programs. Cochran will help support existing initiatives while helping to organize new programs.

“All these community partners and different organizations are working so incredibly hard to achieve their goals, so by being able to provide that backbone support, Wilson 20/20 helps further the work and expand opportunities for collaborations,” Cochran said. “Wilson is setting an example with these partnerships and it is something other communities should follow.”

Cochran also will help with preparations for Wilson 20/20’s annual meeting from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Oct. 11 in the Hardy Alumni Hall at Barton College. Frank Emory Jr., chairman of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, and Dr. Elizabeth Tilson, the state health director, will be the keynote speakers for the event themed Forward Thinking.

“The annual meeting presents what we’re doing, what the community is doing and what all is happening in Wilson,” Cochran said. “I am excited to be able to come on board before the annual meeting and be able to learn while preparing for the meeting.”

For more on Wilson 20/20, visit

“Community support for Wilson 20/20 is critically important to our success and that support includes not only financial contributions, but also engagement and participation in community initiatives,” Benson said.

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