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Wilson 20/20 Keeping Tabs on County’s Health

Posted February 2, 2017

From Staff Reports, Wilson Daily Times

The Healthcare Foundation of Wilson and Wilson 20/20 Community Vision hosted a networking and learning event at Barton College Tuesday for all 2016 grant recipients.

From left to right: Priscilla Morello and Linda Lane (Seeds of Hope Wilson) and Tacita Hamilton and Barbara Blackston (Wilson Community Improvement Association).

Wilson 20/20 Community Vision provided an initial review of a new website resource, which was created as part of a grant-funded project by Healthcare Foundation of Wilson to provide common data and measurements for all grant recipients and community partners.

Event participants reviewed current data relative to the health measures of Wilson County, and group discussions focused on greater collective impact, officials said.

The Wilson 20/20 grant-funded project is identifying common statistics or measures of success for the Wilson community. The available data on the new Wilson 20/20 website should help drive measurable outcomes in many areas of the community, officials said.

“We are committed to working together with grant recipients to help establish strong connections, provide resources and increase the likelihood of positive health outcomes in our community,” said Denise O’Hara, Healthcare Foundation of Wilson executive director. “Sharing ideas, successes and resources is key to creating healthy changes for the greater Wilson community.”

The new website includes data specific to the Healthcare Foundation of Wilson’s focus areas, which are adolescent pregnancy, alcohol and substance abuse, obesity, and sexually transmitted diseases. It also provides measurements of community conditions that can lead to improvement and an overview of ongoing partnerships and collaborations focused on common goals and objectives.

“The success of our efforts to improve the health of Wilson County will be dependent on the strength of partnerships and collaborations in Wilson,” said Paula Benson, executive director of Wilson 20/20 Community Vision. “Healthcare Foundation of Wilson is a critical and significant partner in the work of Wilson 20/20, and we value the opportunity to build stronger connections with their grant recipients as they focus on moving identified health data points in a positive direction.”

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