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Uninsured is defined as the percentage of the population under age 65 that has no health insurance coverage.

Lack of health insurance coverage is a significant barrier to accessing needed health care and to maintaining financial security. One key finding from the Kaiser Family Foundation report on access to healthcare is that, "Going without coverage can have serious health consequences for the uninsured because they receive less preventative care, and delayed care often results in serious illness or other health problems. Being uninsured can also have serious financial consequences, with many unable to pay their medical bills, resulting in medical debt."[36, 37]

Community Focus Areas:
  • Expanding Community Health Fair(s) to include educational material and assistance to evaluate and pursue health insurance options for those currently uninsured

  • Identifying specific training programs and opportunities to assist the unemployed and underemployed (who are currently uninsured) to attain full-time employment with benefits

Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Note: Data is measured annually.

Date of Report Vs. Date of Data

Robert Wood Johnson annual reports reflect data from previous year(s) for certain measures.  See chart below.

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