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Teen Births is the number of births to females ages 15-19 per 1,000 females in a county. 

Evidence suggests teen pregnancy significantly increases the risk of repeat pregnancy and of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI), both of which can result in adverse health outcomes for mothers, children, families, and communities. A systematic review of the sexual risk among pregnant and mothering teens concludes that pregnancy is a marker for current and future sexual risk behavior and adverse outcomes.[28,29] Pregnant teens are more likely than older women to receive late or no prenatal care, and experience eclampsia, puerperal endometritis, systemic infections, low birthweight, preterm delivery, and severe neonatal conditions.[30,31] Pre-term delivery and low birthweight babies have increased risk of child developmental delay, illness, and mortality.[32] Additionally, there are strong ties between teen birth and poor socioeconomic, behavioral, and mental outcomes. Teenage women who bear a child are much less likely to achieve an education level at or beyond high school, much more likely to be overweight/obese in adulthood, and more likely to experience depression and psychological distress.[33-35]

Community Focus Areas:
  • Expanding evidence-based programming (such as Baby Think It Over and Making Proud Choices) to multiple school locations to provide education and experiences that will support good choices for teenage youth

  • Establishing a School Based Health Center at Forest Hills Middle School and Beddingfield High School to provide on-site health and wellness evaluations and education for middle and high school youth to promote healthy choices

  • Establishing and promoting clinic hours designated for teenage boys and girls at the Wilson County Health Department

  • Identifying adult mentors for at-risk teenage boys and girls in middle school and high school

  • Supporting and connecting the grants awarded to numerous community efforts to decrease teen pregnancy in Wilson

Wilson County Births

Source: NC State Center for Health Statistics - NCDHHS

Note: Data is measured annually.

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